lets talk about sex pt 3

I go on tinder a lot. I have met up with quite a few guys from tinder and I have hooked up with most of them. I like tinder because I am about to graduate from an all girls school and I don’t know many guys. I know being on tinder is somewhat groundupon. I was on tinder when I was 15 I lied about my age and hooked up with a lot of guys. i had sex w a 19 year old when i was 16 and blew a 21 year old when I was 16. I always wanted attention from guys and I didn’t care how I got it. I never felt like I was enough so i always figured the only attention I was going to et was the negative kind from guys that i actually didn’t care too much about. I now recently started talking to  a guy who has never kissed a girl. I really like him but i wonder how can he like me if I am so much more experienced than him. He too is 18 and come from a strict hindu family. He doesn’t want to kiss a girl until he is in love. I have already have a had sex but I really like him but I can’t have a relationship with no kissing. So i flirt but nothing happens. I wish I never had sex so I could feel less awkward about having so much experience.



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