lets talk about sex pt.2

My piece entitled “lets talk about sex” got a lot of attention so I have decided to make this a series. People responded to my first post in various ways and I love hearing your in put, however I do ask that if you want to write a comment please do not give me a lecture on being safe or chaste because I have heard it all too much and I know all the risks. I am an 18 yr old female, and the product of years of catholic all girls school education, Ive heard it all.

Lets talk about sex will be series of journals, thoughts, stories, etc all centering around sex.

Now getting to the good stuff…..

This is one of my funnier stories about hooking up with a guy.

I was talking to this guy his name was Chris. He took me out to coffee one day and we talked about our lives and chatted about our common interests, like a normal date. I invited him to my house because my mom was gone for the weekend. We sat on the couch and began watching the walking dead. We got closer and closer and eventually we ended up making out with me on top. We started to pull our clothes off and he began to finger me and play with my boobs. I put my hands over his pants, and he was rock hard. I undid his jeans and pulled his D out. I began to give him a hand job while he fingered me and we made out. The making out was so good and I was really into him. After a while of making out he kissed my neck (later I realized he gave me a hicky). I was slowly giving him a hand job and I could feel him getting harder and harder, he started to throb and he began to come. My hand was filled with white sticky goo and I didn’t know where to put my had now that he came because he kept making out with me and fingering me. I began to have an orgasm and slowly I was starting to pull my hand up without relizing that his come was everywhere on it. I came to my climax point and while we were making out I got so into the point I ran my hand through his hair. His hair was now filled with his own come and it was sticky and white and gross I didn’t know what to do once I had done it. He began to freak out and he ran to the bathroom, He came out and his hair was soping wet, because he stuck his head under the sink. He was so annoyed and disgusted he ran out of my hour and slowly stopped talking to me. oops  I guess it wasn’t meant to be.



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