life a poem 

Life has caused me to expect the worst 

and hope for the best.

 I was born an optimist

 life has given me pesimism 

and I came out a realist 

with hope.

 I’ve been living this life 

trying to find myself in others,

 I looked every direction except inward 

and I finally have started growing 

in every way.

 I’m not popular,

I’m not fake, 

I’m not busy on the weekends,

 I don’t go to parties,

 I don’t text every second, I 

don’t judge my self or others as harshly, 

I’m trying to change for the better

.’m following my passion. 

I’m living in my feelings and emotions.

 I’m chasing my dreams

and following my gut feelings. 

The saddness that I have been in 

has brought me to be more comfortable with myself 

and realize I am great 

and I will NEVER settle again

 I am me 

and I don’t know exactly who that is yet, 

but I’m excited to see. 



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